Muffler Repair

Muffler Repair in Mountain View | Expert Auto Care Have you noticed that your car is running loud? Does your car seem to get louder and louder over time? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may need muffler repair. Over time, your vehicle's muffler can deteriorate, causing the outside of the muffler to rust and eventually fall apart, slowly. When this occurs, you may notice that your vehicle is running loud and increasingly louder over time. You may also notice pieces of rust in your driveway or garage. This type of behavior is normal, however, it may be against the law in your area to drive a vehicle with a damaged muffler.

The team of professional technicians here at Expert Auto Care is properly trained to perform muffler service and repair as well as muffler replacement. Your vehicle is put on a hydraulic lift and care is taken while performing this service. When the muffler service and repair are complete, your vehicle is then turned on to inspect the quality of work. As long as it passes our own tests, we'll release the vehicle to you so you can drive it and see if it runs quieter and smoother. Our warranty can cover the muffler service and repair in the case where something goes wrong with the work we've performed. If you are in need of muffler repair, please contact our office or visit us today so we may set up an appointment and get your vehicle here at our service center so we may perform the muffler repair you need!


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