Oil Change

Oil Change in Mountain View | Expert Auto Care In order to take proper care of your vehicle and to ensure the longevity of your vehicle, you have to maintain your vehicle. A lot of people out there completely neglect the maintenance of  their vehicle or just simple forget about the little things. For instance, an oil change certainly isn't a big change, nor is it an expensive one. However, an oil change must be performed on a regular basis in order for your vehicle to continue functioning properly. If you forget to change the oil in your vehicle on a regular basis, you're decreasing the overall life expectancy of your vehicle. Neglecting an oil change can certainly be a very costly mistake.

When you perform an oil change, you switching out old, dirty oil and replacing it with new oil that will properly lubricate the engine. In other words, you will be taking a lot of stress off of the engine in your vehicle. It has been said that an engine is a heart of a vehicle, while the oil is the blood that pumps through the vehicle. Your body can't live without blood and your vehicle isn't going to survive without oil. The engine will blow you in your vehicle and replacing an engine is the last thing you want to do. Therefore, come to Expert Auto Care in Mountain View when you need an oil change. We'll have you in-n-out in no time.

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