Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt Replacement in Mountain View | Expert Auto Care Do you notice that you are having lots of trouble starting your vehicle, suddenly? Has your vehicle simply refused to start ever since some very unlucky day? It's possible that your engine may have 'jumped time' often caused by a timing chain being worn out, broken completely, or simply faulty. Engines that use timing belts may experience this issue slightly more often due to the belt sometimes not having any teeth. When your engine jumps time or when your timing belt is broken or too worn out, it usually warrants a timing belt replacement.

Timing belt replacements are performed by ASE certified, properly trained technicians; like the experts here at Expert Auto Care in Mountain View. Our technicians are very skilled in replacing timing chains and belts, and have no problem taking care of yours if you bring your vehicle here. The techs will remove the old timing belt and replace it with a new OEM timing belt after getting your crankshaft set to top dead center or whenever the manufacturer specifies. This is highly important because installing the timing belt in the wrong position can result in the engine malfunctioning or ceasing to operate.

Our timing belt replacements can be covered under our warranty which should help give you peace of mind regarding our confidence in our technicians' skill. If you have any questions about the warranty or if you wish to make an appointment to see if you need a timing belt replacement, please call us or visit our service center so we may work with you right away!

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